Welcome to our website. We are Arianne and Richard Oostra.

Our passion for sound and musical instruments started a long time ago and comes from our curiosity about other cultures, remote and often hard to reach areas 'off the beaten tracks' and indigenous peoples. 

This curiosity has led to wanderings acorss all continents for decades. During these tours, we got acquainted with and learned to play on native musical instruments, such as drums in Botswana, Indian flutes in North America and steel drums in the Caribbean.

These tours are our source of inspiration and determine our philosophy of life.

Our wandering across the Australian continent and the introduction to the didgeridoo has led us to specialize in everything related to the digeridoo.

Together we started as OXYGEN®HealingbyMusic. Later OOSTRA®didgeridoo was added, because together we deepened and developed ourselves in the world of the didgeridoo.

This resulted in the symbiosis of making, repairing and adjusting didgeridoos by Richard and giving didgeridoo lessons, workshops, demonstrations and master classes by Arianne.